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Muscovy ducks

The males ducks, reared for around twelve weeks, reach a live weight of between 4.5 kg and 4.8 kg, depending on their lineage.
In general, they are cut up for sale as fillets, thighs, manchon de canard, etc.
The females ducks, which are reared for around ten weeks, reach a weight of 2.4 kg to 2.7 kg, depending on their lineage.
The largest among them are sold cut, while the smaller ones are sold whole, ready to roast.

With feed conversion ratio between 2,5 and 2,7, our duck strains are tailor to meet the sector expectations and its grade requirements.

Our Product' strenghs:

Better sustainability

Good uniformity and better meat yield

A targeted average dressed weight (less off grade)

Meat maturity adapted (better meat yield and plucking facility)

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Mulard ducks

The result of cross-breeding a male Muscovy duck with a common female (generally a Pekin), these ducks are used to produce foie gras and magrets. For foie gras production, the males are more covetable than the females because:

  • they are bigger than the females (a weight difference 300 to 600 grams per duck at the age of 12 weeks);
  • their livers are of better quality than those of the females (which are often “veiny” and therefore unsuitable).

Our Product' strenghs:

Better sustainability

Good force feeding behaviour (calmer animals)

Good digestive efficiency (digestive speed and capacity)

Good ducklings uniformity (everyone are weight during the hatch in order to divided them in categories).

Good cut meat uniformity for "magret" and drumstick

Good liver uniformity (25 to 50 % less mashed liver and fowl liver)

A meat and yield capacity by the animal shape (10% more drumstick)

A recognised quality and a consumer favourite meat (taste and succulence)


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Pekin ducks

The Pekin is a domestic duck descended from the mallard.
These ducks grow quickly and produce good egg yields. The females are also crossed with male Muscovies to produce Mulards.