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For all your day-old duckling solutions

Duck selection, Reproduction, Breed, Hatching

For more than 40 years dedicated to duck production sector (selection and hatching):
-Mule, Muscovy and Pekin ducks
-Muscovy and Pekin breeders
-One day old muscovy ducks, one day old mule ducks, one day old pekin ducks

In a global way:
-From genetics to one one day old broiler
- with a specific and innovative duck and duckling selection approach

BREHERET develops everyday solutions and services in an effort to gain and maintain your trust.


BREHERET team wishes you a happy, healthy and successful new year 2015
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For us, duckling genetics is all about addressing a simple problem: adapting the duck to the conditions and environment in which it is reared, rather than the other way around.[…]
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Incubation & Hatching

Breeder rearing, semen collection, insemination, laying, incubation, hatching, sexing... every stage in the production process is meticulously monitored.[…]
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